Aristotle's Story

Aristotle is one of many rabbits found in an apartment complex in San Clemente. He sat patiently in a cage at the shelter for a year, curiously poking his nose out as people came to visit and waiting for just the right home. One day, a family with a female rabbit came looking for a buddy for her. They wanted a friendly boy - one that would not mind being showered with love by the three girls in the family and would get along with their rabbit, Fuzzly. The initial bonding attempt at the shelter went well, and Aristotle cuddled with Fuzzly, even giving her a couple of kisses. When they were brought out of the shelter to continue the bonding, however, Fuzzly tried to attack Aristotle numerous times, and the bonding was called off. The family had already fallen in love with him, though, and decided to adopt him anyway. They were greatly rewarded by his wonderful personality. He sat on the girls' laps in the evening, watching their favorite shows with them, happily soaking up their hugs and kisses. The mother in the family worked patiently with Aristotle and Fuzzly. With a few fits and starts, she was finally able to get the two rabbits together over the holidays. Aristotle and Fuzzly were given the best holiday gift of all - each other!