Bella's Story


It hasn’t been quite a week yet, but I wanted to share a couple of pictures of Bella that I took on the several hikes we have taken so far. The first picture was taken about 2 miles into a 5 ½ mile hike on the Santa Ysabel preserve. The second is at the beginning of the 3 miler up in Julian. And the 3rd is in her back yard. She is a great hiking companion! She seems to be enjoying all the new adventures she has been on since she left the shelter. She is still rather fearful, but we will overcome that in time. Our mini pin that you met on Saturday is finally starting to play with Bella, so I am sure they will be fast friends very soon. Bella is very interested in our kitten, but probably because the baby kitty hasn’t stopped growling and puffing up since Bella came home. Even that is getting better over the week so I think in time they will be friends. It will take a while though.

So far Bella has been very well behaved and sleeps on her own bed in our bedroom with the rest of the menagerie. She has been put in the cage 2 times when both Dave and I have left the house and is fine with it. She spends time in the back yard with Maya and seems to enjoy that as well. She hasn’t indicated she wants to get away.

So all in all, we are very happy Bella has joined our family. I think she is pretty happy as well. Sadly, you will never see her again! I’m pretty sure she wants to stay with us as much as we want her to stay.

If you want I would be happy to give you another update down the line. I’m confident it will be even more glowing. I know we are not yet seeing the true Bella, but I am looking forward to that time.

Thanks for helping us!