Jingles / Kalani's Story

Jingles got her name because she was found in a dumpster a few days before Christmas! She was sufferring from severe skin issues and bowed legs and was taken to Estrella Vet immedietly for care. PPF spread the word via the newspaper and social media that she needed a home and donations for her medical care. The out pouring from the community was emmense. Thanks to a friend of PPF, she was able to go home to an amazing foster family on New Year's where she remains today, as Kalani! 

Here is an update from her new family:

Dear PPF,
Kalani is a wonderful, happy, and playful pup now. She has chewed several pairs of my shoes, the arm of our couch, and a few pillows...just to help us sharpen our puppy training skills! But, she is worth every little chew mark and we wouldn't change a thing about her. We actually prefer the mischief...after how sick she was, its a joyous reminder of her triumph over neglect!
She is all done with her shots, she is spayed, and her bowed legs straightened enough to avoid surgery!! She's just off her second round of ivermectin as she had a re-occurance of the mites. 
She loves to play with our dogs and also goes to play group at Paws Pet Resorts and has lots of friends...plus she started regularly visits at Three Dog Bakery for her favorite treats...even getting a picture posted on their facebook wall :) 
Its hard to believe next week will be 6 months!!!  Considering the beginning - with the high high fever, secondary infections, leg bowing...compared to now...she is She is my heavenly one & perfect.
-The Thomas Family

Jingles/Kalani made the newsletter with her own page as the community and PPF supporters were calling and writing in to find out about her progress


Bella and Kalani


Her first picture taken as Jingles! 

6 weeks later! 

Now she is beautiful Kalani