Katie's Story

Katie was rescued in Dana Point, just a few days before she gave birth to five adorable kittens. While Katie would always let us care for her kittens, she was not too keen on affection bestowed on her. Our Shy Cat Committee came up with a plan for Katie so that a small group of people worked with her every day. Using treats and enormous patience while Katie was in a cage, we gained her trust so that we were finally able to pet her, finding her favorite spots to massage. Eventually, she was moved into a suite and the committee continued to work with her. The day she played, we rejoiced! Katie was learning to trust again!

After quite a few months, Kathy from San Diego came to the shelter to meet Katie. Kathy has had other Manx kitties and understood their temperament. Kathy learned when she got Katie home that Katie responds to Spanish. This is the report from Kathy on how Katie is doing in her new home:

“Just letting you know how Katie is. She is doing great and really coming out of her shell. Running around the house. Still a bit skittish. Loves butter. Have to make sure I keep it under wraps. She loves to watch the sunset over the water every evening. Loves the outdoor cat Sassy. Christmas morning she was asleep under the tree. Very much a kitten behavior, chasing things around the floor, rolling around, kinda purr/chirp. Loves running up and down the halls. Cruises the kitchen counters. Thank you so much for saving her for me. I just love her.”