Koa's Story

Koa was rescued by a PPF board member who lived next door to Koa's owner. She saw that Koa was left to fend for himself while his owner was on a business trip and in need of shelter and food during some wet winter weeks. With permission, she took over like he was her own. She got him a dog house and a new bed. The owner got a new job and she was looking to give him away. Our  PPF board member shed many tears worrying what was going to happen to Koa. The owner was out of options and was going to either have to live in her car or take him to county and as the days progressed it looked more like he was going to county. Without being able to give the proper care and a home the owner let PPF foster and rehome Koa. Thanks to the courage and dedication by that volunteer and the amazing foster who took Koa in, he was able to have an amazing life!  


Dear PPF, 
When my patient Jack brought in a flyer with Koa's picture on it, I couldn't get his cute face off of my mind. When I met him at his foster home, he seemed like a lovely dog. Since I adopted him, however, I can't believe how much I have grown to love that dog! He's so gentle and sweet. He loves running on the beach, almost as much as he loves lounging around the house. Also, he may be the best snuggler in the world. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him, too. We're working on some leash issues (nobody's perfect), and with consistency & positive reinforcement, we are making progress in this area. I am so grateful for Pet Project Foundation and the wonderful people who dedicate their time to rescuing animals.
Dr. Hannah Lewis, DDS