Kobi's Story

Kobi was another one of our more challenging “diva” cats at the shelter. She could be an affectionate lap cat one minute, and then swatting your hand away another. With her goofy little sideways ear and partiality to laps, she endeared herself to staff and volunteers over her 2 ½ year stay with us. We knew that her intermittent aggression was just a sign of stress, and that if she could get into a home with understanding adopters, she would make a wonderful companion. How to get adopters to see past this behavior though? Luckily, one day some very discerning people visited with Kobi and decided they liked her combination of feistiness and affection, and adopted her into her new home. Read their wonderful letter below to see how successful the adoption has been.

Hello to all of you at the shelter!

My wife and I adopted Kobi last Friday and we promised that we would send an update...

She was a little overwhelmed at having the whole place to run around in at first but within a day she was totally settled. She is now very comfortable and is having a great time exploring all the nooks and crannies around the house. For the first day she would get nervous when somebody came through the front door and would hide in the closet. Now she is totally calm and just stays curled up where she is when anybody comes or goes!! She has become very affectionate and loves to curl up on the couch and be petted or brushed. During the afternoon the sun comes through into the living room and she loves to just stretch out on the carpet and roll around in the warm sunlight! She loves to follow us around the house and just be in the company of humans. At night she has been happy to snuggle up in the bed. We absolutely love having her and could not be happier that we adopted her. She is a very happy cat and we love her to pieces!! Thank you all for your hard work for her and all of the other animals that you have rescued. We are just so glad to have her as a part of the family. See attached photos of how well she is settling in.

Thank you again, and best wishes,

The Auerbachs