Malcolm's Story


My name is Cortney, my husband and I adopted a dog, Malcolm, from your shelter on April 1st of last year. We currently live in Illinois and Malcolm had his first encounter with bitter cold weather, and the white powdery snow. Needless to say, Malcolm was not a fan. He wasn't too sure about the snow, and quickly ran back inside, but he is starting to see how much fun it can be (as long as he has his beloved ball). At first, my husband and I were a little worried with Malcolm's behavior. He was a stray and had been adopted multiple times before us, but had yet to be placed permanently in a home. We quickly found out he was full of lots of energy, and LOVED to run laps around us. We signed Malcolm up for behavior courses, more for us than for him. We needed to learn how to properly train Malcolm, especially since we had just adopted him. We signed him up for obedience classes the day after we adopted him, and in a few short sessions, we were already seeing great improvements in Malcolm's behavior. Malcolm is now the love of our family (and grandma/grandpa too). He loves to go to the baseball park and play with his ball (he has a lot more room there, then our backyard!), and enjoys nice long walks, LOVES going "bye-bye", and playing out on grandpa's farm. He has brought more joy to us than we can explain. Thank you for allowing us to add the special addition and many years of love to our family!


Cortney & Caleb