Mandu's Story

When Mandu came to our shelter, she was not a happy cat. Each cat adjusts to the stresses of being in a shelter in their own way – Mandu’s was to lash out at those who most tried to help her. Over time, she began to show her affectionate side, and would even crawl into laps upon occasion. However, she never completely rid herself of her fear of the shelter, and would still lash out when stressed – usually when a potential adopter was spending time with her. The volunteers loved her feisty, affectionate manner, but getting adopters to see past some of her more unfortunate habits proved difficult. Well, sometimes it just takes someone willing to make a leap of faith with a cat like Mandu, and one day those folks walked in our shelter. Mandu was affectionate with these potential adopters, but true to form, also showed some of her feisty side. Patient souls that they are, they were willing to forgive her rude behavior and decided to her home. The rest, they say, is history. Here’s a letter from Mandu dictated to her new "owners".

Hello Everybody,

It's been over a week since I've seen you all, so I thought you might want to know how things are going for me since I've been away. It was a long drive to the northern part of San Diego. I was in a strange cage, and wasn't sure where I was going or what was going to happen once I got there. But things have turned out OK so far.

Once I got here they let me out of my cage, and I haven't been in one since. That was strange at first, but it was nice to walk around an entire house without having to worry too much about what was going to happen next. The people I'm with are nice enough. But, like all new people they are proving difficult to train. They left me alone for the first day, which was good because I wasn't feeling very sociable. They've given me my own room and I can come and go as I please. I kind of have my own bathroom too, except they say I have to share it with any guests that may arrive.

My new people gradually warmed to my natural charm as I gave them more chances to interact with me. By the third night I'd had enough of sleeping alone and joined them on their bed for a few hours. That seemed to go alright, so now it is a regular thing. It is warmer there too.

Now I spend my days looking for a lap to sit in when I'm not napping in my room. I find I enjoy sitting in laps on the sofa watching TV and in the computer room when they are playing computer games. I definitely don't like it when my lap sitting is interrupted by them moving somewhere else. They tell me there are good views out the front window and through the sliding door in the back, but I am really not interested in the great outdoors at the moment. I've trained my people to turn on the faucet in the bathroom when I jump up on the countertop so I can drink from the running water. I hang around the shower stall glass door, tapping it and looking impatient. So they open the door as soon as they finish their shower so that I can get in and sip some water off the tiles. I would like them to let me in when the shower is running, but they haven't let me do that yet. They don't feed me as often as I want, but hopefully they will come around soon.

I pretty sure that this new home is worthy of me, but I do miss you all terribly. You were my family for two years. Thanks so much for everything you did for me. I will close now. I am getting sleepy.

Mandu ................ or 'Mandy' as they've started to call me!!!!