Meritage's Story

Meritage and her three kittens were rescued from the backyard of a local resident in the summer of 2011. Although the kittens were older and we were concerned about socializing them, they actually came around fairly quickly. Kunde and Jackson were adopted fairly quickly, and finally Kendall was adopted by one of our shelter cat room volunteers.

But Meritage was very shy (but not feral!) and hung out on the top of the cat trees in her suite at the shelter, not venturing down for attention from our volunteers. She was such a pretty girl, and she did love pets when one of us would reach up to her. Her tail would rise in delight at being spoken to, endearing herself to us. Kendall’s mom felt that Meritage would benefit from being fostered for a while to help her gain more trust and become less shy. So she took her home for just a while. Just a while turned out to be forever. We love stories like this.

A note from Meritage’s new mom:
Hi, there. Just a quick note to let you know Meritage (now Meri) really seemed to enjoy her first Christmas with us. Although we planned for the worst by anchoring the Christmas tree to the wall, as far as we can tell, no one attempted to climb it, and the only ornaments to get batted off the tree were the ones that arguably could be mistaken for little fabric cat toys. However, she and son Kendall REALLY enjoyed skating around on the Christmas tree skirt. Ryan and I had fun each morning betting each other where we would find it before going out to investigate.

Meri has also become QUITE the little lover kitty. Whenever one of us settles in on the couch - particularly if we cuddle up under a blanket - it's usually under a minute before she hops up to beg for scratches and rubs, and often she'll settle in for a good cuddle herself. I've included a picture of Meri and son Kendall pinning me to the couch quite effectively. We now know to use the bathroom, get a glass of water, whatever, BEFORE we sit down.

This silly little girl continues to endear herself every day and is getting along very well with the other two. I'm so glad we gave her a chance!