Piglet was and still is a shelter favorite. PPF even used her as a mascot for our PIT CREW T-shirts. She was originally named Selena.  But because of the cute piggy noises she made, her name was changed to Piglet in hopes this would get her adopted!

She was at the shelter for 2 long years with only a couple of people who were interested. They all loved her but for one reason or another, they decided not to adopt. 

Then one magical day, the Colombo family came to rescue or beloved Piglet. We are so lucky that they keep in contact with us sending pictures and stopping by the shelter! 

Dear PPF,
We adopted our little Piglet in July - and our only regret it that we didn't find her two years ago when she first came to the shelter. We love her so much - she is such a joy - and we love to spoil her rotten!!
The Colombo Family

She is comfy in her new home. :) 

Piglet's T-shirt Logo