Spot's story

Spot came into the shelter with a severe head tilt. Despite medical treatment, his tilt did not improve - he had lived too long with the ear infection that caused the problem initially. Despite his handicap, Spot had an amazing ability to get around - he could hop in and out of litter boxes as fast as any rabbit, and he loved to zoom around. With his condition, he couldn't remain at the shelter, so he went to a series of foster homes. Even in moving from place to place, he never lost his friendliness or affection for the humans who fostered him. He loved to be held and would reward people with kisses if they snuggled with him. Still, most people turned away when they saw him - they couldn't see past his disability and notice what an awesome rabbit he was. One day, after Spot had been in foster for many months, we were contacted by a family who had adopted several rabbits from the shelter before. One of their rabbits had recently lost a mate, and they were looking for a new friend. We worked on getting the two boys together, and things went amazingly smoothly. Within a week, Spot and his new friend were best buddies. The wonderful family adopted him, and he is now being showered with the love that he has been looking for since he came to the shelter!