Walter's Story

I’m not sure you will remember me but my name is Walter (which I got to keep). In September 2010, I was living on the streets. When Animal Control found me I was dirty, matted and so aggressive that no one could touch me. Even though I wasn’t very nice to you, you took me in, believed in me and gave me the love and care I needed to start my road to being a happy and healthy boy again.
On November 17th, 2010 I went to go live with my new Mommie! Since my Mom hadn’t previously been a dog owner, and since I had snapped a few times and was a bit of a special needs child, she almost wasn’t allowed to adopt me. In the end you gave us both a chance. With a lot of love, patience, 2 rounds of obedience classes and about 200 Cesar Milan Dog Whisperer episodes, trust me, I have come a long way!! I listen well and I can even do tricks now. My Mom says I am a very smart boy My life is so good. I am a very happy, healthy boy. Although I am still not good with strangers, if they let me meet them on my terms, we all get along. I can almost go for a walk without barking at any of the other dogs we pass too!! You have no idea how happy that makes my Momma. I used to have a complete meltdown at everyone and everything… seriously 0-10 in 2 seconds!! I feel secure and safe, which makes all the difference.
I have a best friend too! His name is Fitzgerald. He’s bigger than me (19 lbs!!) and a little pushy but over all we get along just fine. I may be only 9.5 lbs but I think I’m a Pit Bull!!
I did want to send you some pictures of me (before and after!) so you could see that I am doing well. Believe me when I tell you that I am LOVED!! If it hadn’t been for your organization I may not have made it. THANK YOU for all you do!!




My shelter photos

At Petco Shopping! 


My after photos! 


Fitzgerald and Walter