Become a Volunteer in Our Cat Room

Position Description

  1. Socialize shelter cats to ensure they are able to more easily bond with potential adopters
  2. Interact with potential adopters to help screen for suitability and to identify those cats that provide the best match for that adopter and their home.
  3. As appropriate, take cats to get-acquainted room for visits with potential adopters; monitor adopter interaction with those cats housed in multi-cat suites.
  4. Clean get-acquainted room between cats to prevent disease transmission and remind the public to wash their hands between each animal interaction.
  5. Greet visitors to cat room and provide information about our facility and adoptable cats in a friendly, professional manner.
  6. Groom cats as needed to improve coat and provide socialization.
  7. Maintain clean cat suites and cat cages during shift by scooping and cleaning litter boxes.
  8. Provide fresh water as needed.
  9. Monitor cat health and behavior and notify staff of any issues or changes.

Special Capabilities and Requirements

  1. Must be able to learn and use safe cat handling techniques and practices when interacting with the animals.
  2. Must be able to learn and retain various protocols and follow direction of staff.
  3. Must be able to provide friendly, knowledgeable customer service and to answer questions in a professional manner, deferring to staff if guidance is needed.
  4. Must be able to pick up and carry cats to and from get-acquainted rooms.


  1. Attend General Orientation Session.
  2. Attend training session with cat volunteer coordinator or their designee.

Download Volunteer Application

Please bring your completed volunteer application to the animal shelter and turn it in to front desk personnel or email it to