Shelter Wish List

In addition to monetary donations, Pet Project Foundation and the shelter welcome donations of items such as beds, toys and leashes. Please see our list below for the types of donations that will help us most with our rescued animals.

Shelter Wish List for Cats, Dogs and Bunnies

  1. 6 ft. leather and nylon leashes
  2. Martingale Collars (all sizes)
  3. Gentle Leaders (all sizes)
  4. Nylabones
  5. Dog sweaters (size medium)
  6. Jerky Treats (used as training rewards; found at Costco)
  7. Cat Toys (feather teasers, ping pong balls, small mice)
  8. Snuggle Kitties and Puppies
  9. Large dog chew toys (no squeak or stuffing)
  10. Heater Mats
  11. Large stoneware crocks/water bowls (for rabbits)
  12. Lab Diet 5326 Rabbit Pellets
  13. Timothy Hay (for rabbits)
  14. Fake sheepskin
  15. Small metal flea combs
  16. Kitchen scales with bowl on top to weigh kittens
  17. Small cat dishes and bowls (no plastics)
  18. Cat nail clippers
  19. Cat beds
  20. Blankets, towels and sheets
  21. Small, flat cardboard cat scratcher boxes
  22. Soft surgery e-collars for dogs and cats
  23. Large metal playpens for cats (approximately 2 ½ feet deep, 3 feet long and 4 feet high)
  24. Gift certificates to stores (e.g., Wal-Mart, Target and K-mart)
  25. Gift certificates to Pet stores (e.g., Petco and PetSmart)
  26. Oral Hygene Chews for Large Dogs
  27. Oral Hygene Chew for Small Dogs

Thanks for thinking of our shelter animals

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